The Matai Community Garden Group was formed on 15 February 2015 with the purpose of establishing and running a community garden on the Matai Road reserve in Raumati Beach. The minutes of this meeting and terms of reference for the group can be found here.

The garden will be situated in the sheltered far corner of the Matai Road Reserve, next to the Arts Society building (See location map). The garden will be planted with a variety of vegetables and herbs in raised garden beds.

The garden will not only provide the community with fresh vegetables, but also provide an opportunity for the community to come together, learn new skills, build resilience and sustainability.

Members of the community garden will receive fresh produce from the garden as it becomes available. Excess produce will be available to non-members, and to local organisations such as food banks.

In the future the Matai Community Garden Group hopes to build on the success of the garden and develop more opportunities for the community to come together.

The group arose from the ‘Greener Neighbourhoods’ initiative. This is run by the Kapiti Coast District Council and encourages groups of neighbours to come together to build their resilience, reduce their ecological footprint and have fun doing it. For more information on this see www.greenerneighbourhoods.net. An informal Greener Neighbourhoods group operates in the area of Gavin Rd, Fincham Road and the adjoining part of Matai Road, and will continue in parallel with the Matai Community Garden Group. If you  are interested in this please inquire to greenergmf@gmail.com.

How you can be a part of the Community Garden

  • Become a member of the garden group – membership is $20 per household per year. This will allow us to continue the lease of the garden plot, and purchase necessary supplies and equipment.
  • Help us build, plant and maintain the garden – Working bees are the second Sunday of the after noon 1 – 3pm unless advised otherwise
  • Do you have any specific skills that might be useful – are you a landscape gardener, expert composter, handyman or wood craftsman? Or equipment/materials that we could use, such as wood, soil, gardening equipment?

Join now! 

Sign up online

Download membership form (complete and drop off to Emma at 18 Fincham Road)

Where the garden is located:

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