First summer harvest bee, 9-12-15

After a month of rainy Wednesdays we got a good one. The new after-dinner time of 6:30 seemed to suit people too. It was great to come together on a fine evening. Some crops were ready, others need a little longer, like our garlic. We have a lot of tomatoes down, so we pinched out and tied up the larger ones of these and planted even more as we had them to hand, as well as more courgettes. The ever-resourceful Holly grabbed her lawnmower from home and we mulched the bean stalks to made compost. Excess broad beans were taken to the foodbank by Chris, who fired up a BBQ too. Next on the agenda (i.e. we need seeds or seedlings) are sunflowers, dwarf beans, basil and marigolds. If you can help supply these, please get in touch!

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